The Curse of the Black Worm
Welcome to the free city of Ravensgate, the most recent stop in your travels. As often happens when you’re around, adventure blows in on the wind. A battered ship of unknown origin has drifted into the harbor; it’s entire crew lying dead at their posts. With normal militia and peacekeepers too spooked to approach, the Constable is looking for brave volunteers to investigate the derelict and find answers. Do you have a stout enough heart to go where others dare not? Are you prepared to follow down whatever path this mystery may lead?
It is the year 750 in the Age of Dragons. Beginning characters start with 6,000 XP, which can be divided up equally for multi-classing, or broken up as you chose for dual-classing.

Welcome to Five Waters

“The Curse of the Black Wyrm” is an adventure that takes place in my home-brewed setting of Five Waters. Occasionally, I will make reference to “the known world.” This is not to be confused with the Classic D&D setting called “Known World.” When I say “known world” I mean the portion of the world that is known as Five Waters. The implication being that there are areas beyond that the general populace is unfamiliar with.

Five Waters is my own, however I am borrowing an old map from the 1987 Forgotten Realms boxed set. I will be using place names from that map, and I might look for some inspiration from the FR setting from time to time. However, THIS IS NOT Forgotten Realms in any form.

I have composed a detailed history for Five Waters, here; History of Five Waters
However, for the purposes of a quick start-up and a brief introduction for prospective/new players, here are the basics…

Five Waters is named so after the five major bodies of water around which everything revolves; The Sea of Fallen Stars, Moonsea, The Dragon Reach, the Lake of Dragons, and the Wyvernwater. We start game play in the year 750 of the Age of Dragons, which means that events takes place 750 years after the “Dragoncoup.”

The Dragoncoup is what people call the arrival of the Dragonlords – a group of Great Wyrms that arrived suddenly in Five Waters and waged war upon the people for dominance of the known world. The Elves proved the greatest threat, so the Dragonlords have been harshest on them, and they are a dieing race. Now, the Dragonlords rule what and where they like whenever it suits them… as long as another Dragonlord isn’t already doing so. They permit humans, dwarves, and so on to have their kings, build their cities, and to go about their normal lives. But it is always with the shadow of the Dragonlords looming above it all.

Curse of the Black Wyrm