Curse of the Black Wyrm

Chapter 1

Chief Constable Adela Masters gathered up the brave volunteers and boarded the mysterious vessel to investigate. On deck, they found the bodies of the crew, apparently drowned at their posts. They also found what appeared to be the remains of the captain sitting in his quarters. His flesh had been gnawed of by an animal of some kind. The captains papers were strewn about the cabin, but the tattered remains of a log was recovered, identifying the ship as the Nostromo. Further work must be done to reassemble and read the log at a later time.

Exploring below deck, the party encountered several nasty creatures that were likely some form of undead which fought with enough intelligence (or instruction) to hide in ambush. Afterwards, they found more partial remains that look to have been eaten by something, as well as a cache of valuables.

Descending to the cargo hold, they found it to be partially flooded. Horrifying humanoid creatures swam about in the water, attacking the party. They proved quick and cunning, but were outnumbered by the party and destroyed. The cargo, mainly clothing, provisions, and personal items, were ruined by the water.

Upon returning topside, it was night and fog had rolled in. The bodies of the crew had animated and dove into the water, swimming for shore. Knowing that one crew member had been found alive (though unconscious) and already on shore, the party went after the “zombies.” The undead caused plenty of panic, and attempted to get to the survivor. However, the heroes prevented it, and eventually the remaining “zombies” returned to the ship.


Welcome to the free city of Ravensgate, the most recent stop in your travels. As often happens when you’re around, adventure blows in on the wind. A battered ship of unknown origin has drifted into the harbor; it’s entire crew lying dead at their posts. With normal militia and peacekeepers too spooked to approach, the Constable is looking for brave volunteers to investigate the derelict and find answers. Do you have a stout enough heart to go where others dare not? Are you prepared to follow down whatever path this mystery may lead?


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