Arcane Spellcaster House Rules

These rules are in addition to, and are a modification of, the rules presented in the Player’s Handbook. These rules apply to Wizards, Mages, and other classes that use arcane magic spells. Please refer to “Other Arcane Casters” below regarding such classes.

The Spell Book/ Spells Known
At first level, all wizards start with a small collection of 1st level spells, which they acquired during their initial training in the magical arts. The number of spells in the collection depends on the wizard’s intelligence, as follows;

Int. 9-14 = 2 spells + Detect Magic
Int. 15-16 = 3 spells + Detect Magic
Int. 17-18 = 4 spells + Detect Magic
Int. 19 and higher = 5 spells + Detect Magic
Once a wizard has begun his adventuring career, he is on his own in acquiring and researching spells.

The physical spell book can be in any form that the player desires, as long as it makes sense; a book, a collection of scrolls, stone tablets, etc. The starting spell book does not cost the wizard anything, and has 20 pages (or the equivalent space). Each spell takes up one page per spell level.
New spell books must be found, purchased, or in some other way procured by the wizard.

Spells per Day
A wizard can only cast so many spells in a day. The base number of spells depends on the wizard’s level, as shown on Table 21 in the PHB. Wizards with high relevant attributes also gain bonus spells, shown below. For a Mage (a general wizard), the bonus corresponds to his intelligence score. For a Specialist Wizard, the bonus corresponds to the other attribute associated with his specialty (see Table 22, PHB).
Please note that, in the case of a bonus spell of 2nd level, that bonus would not take effect until the wizard could cast 2nd level spells (normally 3rd level).
Also, for Specialist Wizards, all bonus spells must be from his school of specialty.

Attribute of 9 – 14 = No Bonus
Attribute of 15 – 16 = +1 1st level spell per day
Attribute of 17 – 18 = +2 1st level spells per day
Attribute of 19 and higher = +2 1st level spells, and +1 2nd level spell per day
(The bonus listed is the total bonus for the attribute. Do not add bonuses from lower scores together.)

Specialist Wizard Spell Access
A Specialist Wizard is restricted from casting spells from certain other schools, called “Opposition Schools.” As states in the PHB, there are nine schools of magic, and all wizards have access to Minor Divination (1st through 4th level divination spells), but not Greater Divination (5th level and higher spells).
All PHB rules for Specialists apply, except for the list of Opposition Schools. Do not refer to Table 22 in the PHB for the Opposition Schools. The following replaces that one aspect of Table 22:

School of Specialty (Wizard Title) : Opposition Schools
Abjuration (Abjurer) : Alteration & Greater Divination
Conjuration/Summoning (Conjurer) : Greater Divination &Alteration
Greater Divination (Diviner) : Conjuration/Summoning & Abjuration
Enchantment/Charm (Enchanter) : Invocation/Evocation & Necromancy
Illusion/Phantasm (Illusionist) : Necromancy & Invocation/Evocation
Invocation/Evocation (Invoker) : Enchantment/Charm & Illusion/Phantasm
Necromancy (Necromancer) : Illusion/Phantasm & Enchantment/Charm
Alteration (Transmuter) : Abjuration & Conjuration/Summoning

Special House Rule: Only Specialist Wizards may learn and cast 9th level spells. Mages have a greater variety of spells to chose from, and part of the price of such versatility is that they can not master the most difficult of spells.

Other Arcane Casters
Any other classes or kits that have access to wizard spells fall into this category, including dabblers such as the Bard. Such spellcasters do not abide by any of the following new Wizard Rules unless their descriptions specifically say so, or the DM rules otherwise:
• Starting spells and/or spell book.
• Bonus Spells per Day based on attributes.

Other Concerns
1. Casting times listed in the spell descriptions modify initiative.
2. All spell-using characters must spend 2gp per caster level on spell components every month. No detailed lists are needed. The exceptions are components with a specific value and rare components. So, if a spell calls for 200 gp in gems, you need get 200 gp in gems somehow. If it calls for the left big toe of a Crypt Thing, break out the holy water!

Arcane Spellcaster House Rules

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