For the most part, Dwarves will conform to the PHB description. Dwarves mainly live in the mountains of the southern portion of Five Waters, particularly Thunder Peaks and the region surrounding High Horn. The Dwarven people can be divided into three main walks of life – the miners, the craftsman, and the merchants. Each serves a vital role in Dwarf society, and entire families and clans have been known to dedicate themselves to one pursuit as a matter of tradition. Dwarf characters should choose at least one non-weapon proficiency that reflects the tradition of their family or clan.
Dwarf of a miner background tend to be less sociable, taciturn, and even grumpy. They dress in drab colors and men keep their beards simple. The craftmen tend to be tidy, exacting, and passionate. They dress in practical clothing, but they enjoy a bit of color. The men’s beards are always clean and well groomed, and often adorned with materials associated with their craft. Merchant Dwarves are the most social and get along most easily with other races. However, they are shrewd businessmen and can be a bit money-minded. They tend to dress in brighter colors, wears jewelry, and cultivate intetersting and creative beards.

Dwarves who are evil enough to have turned on their own are banished from normal Dwarf society. Conflict is common between Dwarves and clans, but resorting to violence upon other Dwarves is forbidden. The exiles are call Sundered Dwarves, and they favor the northern mountains.

Dwarves have Dark Vision. This form of sight is black and white, but provides otherwise normal vision even in total darkness, unless it is magical in nature.

Classes Permitted: Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, Thief. May multi-class Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Thief, or Cleric/Thief.


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