Noteworthy House Rules

Observation attribute: This is an additional attribute that should be recorded after Charisma on you character sheet. DO NOT roll for this attribute. Observation is an average of Wisdom and Charisma (so, Wis+Chr dived by 2). Round all fractions down. For 3.5 alums, Observation would be used like checks for spot, listen, search, sense motive, etc. This is totally separate from a special abilities, like a thief’s Detect Noise (a cultivated skill that requires active use).

Original Hit Points and Character Death: A character that reaches 0 hps falls unconscious. If the character’s hps reach the negatives, they are bleeding to death (1 hp per round unless wounds are bound). A character can survive until they pass below the negative value of their 1st level hps (or “original hps”). Binding a character’s wounds will stop the loss of hps by bleeding, but will not heal any damage. However, wounds bound by somebody with the Healing Proficiency will stop the bleeding and bring the character to 0 hps.

Critical Hits and Fumbles: In combat, a natural 20 always hits. If the only way to hit is with a natural 20, no crit is scored. Otherwise, a crit is double damage. A natural 1 always misses, and is a fumble. Fumbles usually require using an action or attack to recover from, or result in a disadvantage, but never cause damage by themselves.

Experience: In addition to combat, I award XP for making use of your background in game play, and for role playing the character.

Noteworthy House Rules

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