The Gods

Most “civilized” folk in Five Waters recognize all of the gods in form or another. It is not unusual for a person to pray to numerous gods on a frequent basis, depending upon need. However, it is common practice for a person to chose one deity in particular to focus their worship upon.
For humans, this choice is usually a reflection of the life they lead (a farmer would want a god with weather or agricultural influence, while a thief would prefer a god of luck or darkness, for example). The main exception for humans would be those of barbarian cultures. Such cultures may reject gods other than those known to them.
Druids, as well as some who are religiously sympathetic, are a kind of pagan. They worship nature directly, rather than deities. They do not deny the existence of the Gods, necessarily, but do not worship them.
Demi-Humans, again, recognize the gods. However, they tend to worship Gods specifically interested with them. Occassionally, a demi-human might worship another deity, particularly Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, and adventurers.
Strictly speaking, gods are pretty much good or neutral in moral alignment. Evil “gods” are actually demons, daemons, and devils. This applies to evil gods that might be apodted from published settings. They would be comsidered one of those three. Which depends upon alignment. Chaotic Evil=Demon (or “Tanar’ri”), Lawful Evil=Devil (or “Baatezu”), Neutral Evil=Daemon (or “Yugoloth”).

Good Aligned Deities

Arvoreen the Defender; Halfling god of diligence, protection and warriors. Lawful Good. Represents the warrior side of Halflings, defends and preserves the Halfling ways.

Corellon Larethian; God of the Elves. Chaotic Good. Creator and protector of the elves. His nemesis is Gruumsh One-Eye.

Garl Glittergold; God of the Gnomes. Neutral Good. Known as the Watchful Protector. Governs wit, craftsmanship, and known for his pranks. Mortal enemies with Kurtulmak, god of the Kobolds.

Moradin the Soul Forger; Dwarven God of Creation. Lawful Good. Forged the first Dwarves of metal and stone, giving them the fire of life.

Osiris; God of Life and Death. Lawful Good. He is the guardian of the dead, as well as the chief god of agriculture. Osiris also governs healing, resurrection, and birth. The only good aligned god that permits the creation of undead by his clerics, as long as the undead are not of evil alignment.

Yondalla the Provider; The chief Goddess of Halflings. Lawful Good. Creator of the Halfling race, god of prosperity and harmony.

Neutral Aligned Deities

Isis; Goddess of Magic, Motherhood, and Family. True Neutral.

Lovalar the Last; God of Travelers, Luck, Whim, Charisma, and Neutrality. True Neutral. Earned his nickname “the Last” by deliberately losing a great foot race when he was, supposedly, a mortal man. He ran the race to win the hands of not one, but three princesses from different kingdoms, but came in dead last because he decided on a whim to teach a hungry peasant how to hunt.

Tryton; God of the Waters and the Depths. Lawful Neutral.

Evil Deities (Demons, Devils, and Daemons)

The Dark Queen; Enigmatic figure from the distant past of the elven people. Aside from occasional references by elven scholars, few ever speak of her. Certainly not to anyone outside of the elven race. Elves are ashamed of the Dark Queen and those who follow her ways, but she seems to be a threat of the past, now eclipsed by the Dragonlords.

Gruumsh One-Eye; Ruler of the Orcs. Chaotic Evil. Fierce warrior who lost his eye doing battle with Corellon Latherian. Evil Half-Orcs favor Gruumsh, but most neutral and good aligned Half-Orc try to distance themselves as much as possible.

Hel; Keeper of the Damned, Mistress of Death and Disease. Neutral Evil. Not the only evil entity to concern itself with disease or death, but perhaps one of the strongest. It is Hel who decides the fate of the wicked when they die. Her church does not mention her by name, being known simply as The Church of the Dead.

Orcus; Lord of the Undead. Chaotic Evil. Governs chaos, necromancy, and the undead.

Tiamat; Queen of the Dragons. Lawful Evil. Sometimes worshipped by evil humans, demi-humans (excluding elves), and humanoids. These “Dragon Cults” are not well liked even by other evil churches and organizations.

The Gods

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